Bringing together the pioneers of lunar resources for a sustainable space economy

Our Sense of purpose

to leverage lunar resources to foster European leadership and collaboration in benefit of sustainability in space and on Earth

Our Vision

to position the European Industry as a key contributor to the rising cis-lunar economy, by creating a strong industrial ecosystem and developing an ambitious and sustainable ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilization) vision and implementation plan


Our objectives


To initiate a European industrial ecosystem on the commercial exploration of lunar resources in a sustainable way, bringing in complementary expertise from public & private / space & non space / large and small industries


To motivate EU Institutions & Industry to increase funding to develop a new industrial sector & market, and to synchronize development efforts towards new EU services capabilities and commercial uses


To represent the industrial members of the space and non-space domain, involved in the Association


To create a platform of exchange to discuss and provide recommendations for a common industrial road map for end-to-end space resources value chains’ implementation, considering interoperability and standardization from the beginning

Our Manifesto

Space Resources end-to-end value chain implementation (starting by the Moon) is about Sustainability in Space. Sustainability in space is about Responsibility to protect Earth & Space operations, and to foster universal collaboration. Last, humanity needs inspiring projects to bring nations together, more than ever. As all humankind sees the Moon everyday, isn't it the key opportunity of the century, to inspire Universal Collaboration, diversity and Peace?

This perspective will not happen by chance but only through effective collaboration and a shared vision. If you share these ideas, feel free to join EURO2MOON and start building this common future with us.

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