The “Sustainability in Space” Era is starting now…

Based on 3 facts :

Fact 1


Moon gravity is 6 times lower than on Earth, offering easier (in terms of energy) access to cis-lunar space

Fact 2


Resources are existing on the celestial bodies, starting by the Moon

Fact 3


First step for many Nations for permanent presence on the Moon to stay (USA, China, India, Japan)

Space resources value chain, a multi-purposes enabler for EUROPE :

To benefit the rise of a cis-lunar economy

To allow access to Deep Space (eg : Mars…)

To promote international and cross sectoral collaboration

To foster new EU service capabilities:

Long-duration space transportation

Life support systems

Intermittent energy production & storage

Infrastructure construction

A new approach to Resources with potential benefits for Earth…

  • Lunar ISRU must be used as an Example for resource extraction on Earth
  • Resources to be used locally, extracted according to state of the art of sustainability, environmental & social responsibility
  • Resource as a service approach from the beginning

Mining Challenges on Earth :

Water and energy intensive
Social acceptance low
Resource efficiency low
Environmental legacy

Lunar ISRU Challenges :

Vacuum and low gravity
Hostile environment
No process fluids
Poorly characterised material